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After PBP, we were ready for some easy riding. We had two more weeks of holidays. John's brother, David would be with us for the first week, and his friend Declan would be around the full two weeks. Part of the plan was to take the TGV, France's high speed train. This had long been a desire of John's. In order to take the TGV, we had to pack up our bikes. We would be handling them ourselves, but they had to be in bags. We found some inexpensive ones at Decathlon and Go Sports. We could have used the S&S cases, but the bags required much less dissasembly and would be cheaper/easier to ship or store. One of the bags had three compartments, perfect for the three parts of the tandem. We bought a separate wheel bag. It took all of 5 minutes to pack and unpack this way!

We had talked about lots of possibilities, and originally had grand plans to ride from Geneva to Nice. But the trying to get the bags sent from Geneva to Nice was proving difficult. We ended up deciding to take the TGV from Paris to Lyon, where we would leave bags at left luggage, and head east to the alps from there, returning two weeks later.

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