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Back toward Albertville

Bourg St Maurice would have made another great base for hitting lots of climbs, but we pressed on back toward Albertville. We found another bike path and followed it for a while. That's glacier melt running next to it. There was quite a chill coming off that stream.

The bike path led us to Aime, where we foolishly chose to press on. John's eyes lit up as he talked about La Plagne. His hero Stephen Roche had a fabulous comeback on this climb in the 1987 tour, which he won. It's a cul de sac climb, so we didn't plan to do it. What we climbed paralleled it for a while, but was certainly more than we were expecting and several times, we checked th map to be sure, we weren't on the climb.

Then the weather turned. We had a fierce thunderstorm, and tried several times for accomodations, but to no avail. Then we got to come down off the ridge. We hit the most incredible series of switchbacks. Our drum brake got serious exercise here, as it was on and release in the corner, then on and release 40 or 50 times! Coming around one corner a church appeared floating out in the haze. We stopped as quickly as we could, but were unwilling to climb back up to get the more dramatic picture.

We made it saefly into Moutiers, where we found lodging and dried out. The next day was back to that brilliant sunshine and warmth. I was plotting more climbing when John told us his throat was getting sore. We decided to be prudent and head back toward base. We stopped in Albertville to check out bike shops and did buy a few things. Then we pressed on back toward Chambery.