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Soup is for Grannies

We got into Chambery and found the tourist office. There we found this wonderful selection of maps. The area was covered in routes, the world championship course on which Greg Lemond won, as well as many others. We decided to stay in Chambery a couple of days and do some unencumbered day rides. There was a regional train which David could take back to Lyon, so he could stay with us longer.

Our first loop was south over the Granier. It started out a bit overcast, so we carried mountain gear (rain jackets, leg warmers, etc). You can see we had warmed up a bit at the top of the first climb, but fortunately we were sitting inside the coffee shop when the storm rolled through. It was quick, but intense.

After the storm passed, we bundled up and headed down the hill. Of course only having had coffee, I was hungry. We spotted a country inn with a restaurant. I poked my head in to ask if we could get potage. The proprietor told us potage was for grannies, we would have a real meal. And we did. And we had dessert, and the proprietor made sure we ate every bite!

I noticed some pictures at lunch of a tunnel that looked intriguing. It was on our planned route through the Pas du Frou and the Gorges du Guiers Vif. The old road went around and it was still there, but closed and covered in rocks which had fallen from above.

We thought David might need a box for his bike on the train. So that evening we went in search of a box. We found a Go-Sports and David picked up a box there, which he strapped to his back and rode back to our hotel. It turned out he didn't need the box after all. Bikes could be rolled on for service to Lyon!