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Italy 2007

After a couple of days of unladen riding, we were reading to pack up the panniers and head out for a tour. Our first destination was Assisi. It took us a whikle to find good maps for the area right around Spoleto and we headed out of town on a mainer road than any of us would prefer, but eventually we found a nice bike path along with some lovely quiet roads, and once in Assisi, we found more local maps and managed to start finiding the roads we really wanted to be on.

After paying the bill for our 4 star hotel and calculating the exchange rate, we decided to go down scale and tried a 1-star. I have to recommend against going directly from 4 to 1. Step down a little more gradually! But at the bargain rates, we stayed in Assisi for two nights, giving us lots of time to explore the town, as well as a nice day ride without panniers.

The alleys and paths throughout town were a grand maze winding up and down the hillside. Assisi draws lots of tourists, so they keep things in great shape.



So the path is wheelchair friendly?



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