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Italy 2007

In September of 2007, we travelled with Roy and Susan and our tandems to Italy. We flew into Rome and took the train to Spoleto, where we based ourseleves for a few days. We stayed in the fabulous 4 star Hotel San Luca. Susan had found this through a bike touring organization. The owners are cyclists and had recommended routes to give out. We were able to assemble and disassemble the tandems in the garage and left our cases while we toured. The owners were lovely and gracious hosts.

It was brutally hot for the first few days, but cooled nicely over the next two weeks. We did a few unladen rides from Spoleto before loading up panniers and heading out to explore more of Le Marche and Umbria.

We spent much time eating and drinking and a bit of time cycling between places to eat and drink.


Roy and Susan have had some bad luck with their tandem wheels and spokes. We had recently helped them to acquire a new wheel and now were putting it to its first test. I'm not sure Susan is going to trust John's map reading next time. I believe we are descending from Montemartano.

We had actually climbed up a lovely paved road, which turned white at the top. White roads in Umbria are so-called, because of the white gravel. This is not Vermont hard pack dirt. This was pretty good size gravel. And it went on for about 6 or 7 miles all descending. Fortunately wheels, tires, brakes and nerves all held up!

The next day, we headed out again for a day ride in the direction of Monti Sibilini.






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