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Queen Charlotte Walkway


Despite the cloudy conditions overnight, it was lovely and clear and warm again the following morning. We headed out along the road to our turn at Kenepuru Head. We talked about finding a coffee shop and decided to make a detour into Punga Cove. Of course it was after we turned that Simon mentioned the little climb up the Kenepuru saddle.
We climbed the saddle and then stopped to look at the map board where the walkway crossed the road. Of course not wanting to take the simple way, we decided to head down the track a way and then follow a spur back to Punga Cove.
The first part was very similar to what we were on the day before, although it did get steeper as we headed down. Simon spotted a very friendly Weka, so we stopped for a photo-op.
The spur trail was a bit more narrow and technical than the walkway, and involved some pushing at times.
Even Simon had to dismount once or twice.
I guess the idea here is to pull yourself up by the cable. Hang on Aria!
We began to wonder if we'd ever find that coffee shop. We rode into one of the many campgrounds on the route, and found this coffee bar, just no barista!


Day 1