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Ireland 2011

Riding with Declan

We have a wealth of riding buddies on every visit. John's old friends love to take us out on both old and new roads. Declan has an encyclopedic knowledge of tiny roads in Ireland and is a great source of wonderful and scenic routes. He had some business in our area and offered to come get us and bring us north to explore some roads in his neighborhood.

Photos and commentary by John

We had a nice relaxed start to our day, with coffee at the Battle of the Boyne visitor centre, followed by a stop at Dowth Castle, the birthplace of John Boyd O'Reilly.

Dowth Passage Grave

Declan brought us on some terrific roads.

There's a reason wind turbines are now a common sight in Ireland!

John was actually on the ride too.
(John is the photographer in the family. Pamela carries a very simple point and shoot to get the occasional shot of John, just to show he was there!)

The boys doing what they do best - not asking for directions.


West Wicklow