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Dirt Roads Of Vermont Epic Sojourn

Memorial Day Weekend, 2011

All Photos from everyone - Picasa


The third annual DROVES (Dirt Roads of vermont Epic Sojourn) started at the Stonehouse near Ludlow Vermont, Memorial Day Weekend 2011.

Our hope for the weekend was not to see much of the above - i.e. freshly graded roads

But more of this - well packed dirt roads.

Here's our crew before the start of the first day's riding.

John, Pamela and Emily O

Paul and Wanda

Emily S and David L

Chris - before the crash. Chris took a fall later in the day.

We were fortunate to be very near a tent when the first of the showers hit. Paul is checking the weather on his smart phone.

Dominique and Cristine started in Waitsfield and rode south to meet us half way through the ride

Did David really have a full size Pedro's track pump in his saddlebag? It certainly pays to have a Pedro's Pro mechanic along on any ride! Incidentally another tent magically appeared when the showers came.

We were racing the storm to the finish. Who put LIncoln Gap right before the end of a tough day?

Evening wear? Jake wasn't feeling well, so he volunteered to drive everyone's gear to the inn in Waitsfield. But when Chris had his fall, Jake was called for rescue, so all our clothes were still in the car, when we arrived in the midst of a heavy downpour.. We improvised for dinner


If you crash, we make you buy beer! Chris and Jake arrived with beer and our clothes. Chris has healed up nicely now!