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Mt Washington Hillclimb 2011

3rd time is a charm!


John had a rough day in very hot muggy conditions!
photo by Bob Jenney

If you've been following our hillclimbs this season, you may be aware that Pamela has had some bad luck on her Pixie Fixie this year. I'm happy to finally report a successful climb at Mt Washington, the third hillclimb race this season! Both the Pixie Fixie and the Fixie Pixie made it to the top!

We had great support from Patria Lanfranchi, the brand new manager at Ride Studio Cafe.

John did a great job with making sure the bike held together! Here they both are showing off Ride Studio Cafe gear.

The conditions on top were warm and clear!

John took third in his age group. Pamela was 4th in hers.

Together, they were 2nd in the Family category


We stayed at the excellent Top Notch Inn in Gorham, where the moose is a hillclimber too!

We got out for a great ride on Sunday where luckily we didn't get mauled by the mother of these bear cubs on Thorn Hill Road!

Mt Equinox