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Mt Equinox Hillclimb 2011

Once Bitten, Twice Shy Pamela?


We came back from Italy a little tired. John had a tough ride on Equinox, but it was better than Pamela's ride!

photo by Lee Krohn (one of the nicest photographers I've ever met!)


So after Newton had his revenge on me, we re-tightened and triple-checked the tightness of the crank and lockring on the crank. But I had decided I should try to push a bigger gear, so I changed the cog from a 20T to 18T, and made sure that lockring was on tight... but apparently didn't do such a thorough job tightening the wheel... There is this little downhill about 2 miles in, where I had to use the brakes and the Pixie Fixie (the bike) starts to make noises a fixie shouldn't. The braking put enough stress on the wheel to jar it loose, causing the chain to go slack. Now the Fixie Pixie (me) utters curses that a pixie shouldn't. Of course, I still hadn't learned the lesson to carry tools and I didn't have the same guardian angels I had on Newton's, so I had to take a lift up in the sweep van. I'm going to be sure that John checks behind me for everything before Mt W and I'm carrying tools!

photo by Lee Krohn (one of the nicest photographers I've ever met!)


We did get out for a couple of nice rides with David and Emily after the race and the following day. So our weekend was still fun. Seems neither of us had a camera though!

Newtons Revenge