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Rapha Gentleman's Race NE 2011
Team 52 Vincents


Team name inspired by Richard Thompson's 1952 Vincent Black Lighting


The revised lyrics...

Said Pamela to John, that's a fine tandem bike
A girl could feel special on any such like
Said John to Pamela, well my helmet's off to you
It's a Mocha by Co-Motiion, 2002
And I've seen you at the corners and cafes it seems
Pink wool and black lycra, my favorite color scheme
And he pulled her on behind
And down to Trexlertown they did ride

Said John to Pamela, here's a granny ring for the big climbs
But I'll tell you in earnest I'm a dangerous man
I've descended like a demon since I was seventeen
I ridden many a mile on my two wheeled machine
Now I'm 41 years, I might make 42
And I don't mind dying, but for the love of you
And if fate should break my stride
Then I'll give you a drum brake to slow the ride

Train hard, train harder, Pamela, emailed Rapha's Gerben
For we've invited young John Bayley to the Gentleman's Race
The climb up Bake Oven Road left nothing inside
Oh, push harder, Pamela to help John's dying thighs
When they got to top, there wasn't much left
They weren't was running out of road, but they were running out of breath
But he smiled to see her cry
And said I'll take it easy on the downhill side

Says John, in my opinion, there's nothing in this world
Beats a gnarly descent and a nearly fearless girl
Now Bicycling Magazine and Moots and Rapha Gents won't do
They can't catch the tandems wearing Vincent 52
He reached for her hand and he slipped her the cue sheets
He said I've got no further use for these
I see angels on Sevens in lycra on the velodrome
Swooping down the banks to carry us home
And they rode one final lap and sighed
And the 52 Vincents won the ride