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John and Kristen blew away the tandem record for Mt Washington at Newton's Revenge. They roared up in a time of 1:06:32, taking almost 6 minutes off the long-standing record, held by two guys!

I (Pamela) wasn't around to take pictures, because I decided the week before that I would do the race. These are courtesy of a 545 velo racer.

Dominique is showing off how light the new Guru is!

Liane Burke

Everyone else was in and changed by the time I arrived, but I did arrive! I am so happy to have this almost done.

The most pain, I've ever expreienced - but where's my medal - dammit

I was cramping so bad for the last two miles. Then when I got off the bike I could not move. My glutes were screaming. It was agony to stand and changing clothes was awful. Kristen had to spot me!

OK, it was worth the pain! I made the podium (ok, just in my age group, but that's still pretty cool!) I carried that medal around for weeks!