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Vermont 2009

We had such a great time in Vermont last fall, that we decided to do another week-long trip, sandwiched between a Richard Thompson concert, the final hillclimb race and the Ibex sale, finishing off with the Great River Ride. John's brother David came over for a couple of weeks and joined us for all these activities, as well as providing an additional model for the photos.

We again maximized what we could fit into and on top of the Fit. We had three people, one tandem, three single bikes, an extra set of race wheels, along with gear and clothing for the week. We got several clown car comments as we unpacked and packed. We started out on a great note, seeing RT in concert at the Lebanon Opera House. John won the final hillclimb of the season, and sealed a win in his age group for the series. John entered David in the race and saddled him with his heaviest bike. Good sport that he is, David raced his heart out. Then the climbing began! We did a little recovery ride over Lincoln and Appalachian Gap in the afternoon. Below is a shot of David before he really knew what he was in for!

It made for a long day!

Hillclimbs 2009