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Oregon 2009

We travel light, doing laundry daily. We each had 2 pairs of shorts, a lightweight jersey and slightly warmer light wool jersey, arm, knee and leg warmers, jacket and vest, off the bike long pants, top and shoes, and toiletries. Washing clothes is an afternoon ritual. As soon as we finish riding each day, its shower and laundry time. Drying with a towel helps spead the drying process. Fortunately humidity was non-existent and clothes dried quickly.

The MacKenzie pass closure was a mixed blessing. We could ride to the top, on the closed road, but could not go down the other side. So while we couldn't get in or out of town on it, we could enjoy traffic free riding up and down one side.

Our previous visits to McKenzie Pass have been the same, no view, cloudy, rainy and dreary.

The Dee Wright Observatory in the background is built from the surrounding lava rocks. Each portal is a window to one of the great surrounding volcanoes, although we have to take their word for it. We've never been there on a clear day.