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Hillclimbs 2009

Newton's Revenge 2009 (Mt Washington)

John loves to climb hills. In recent years, more and more pure hill climb events have been added to the calandar in New England. In 2009, the Bike Up the Mountain Points Series was started. We'd planned to do many of the races in the series, but the new championship would add to the incentive.

We met up with our friends Cristine and Dominique for many of the events. After racing on Saturday morning, we'd often head off and explore some off the beaten path dirt roads over the remaining part of the weekend, and enjoy some fine food and wine in the evenings.

We were away touring in Oregon for the first two events, not realizing the significance of the multiplier on the Mt. Whiteface race, but we made it to all the other events.

Newton's Revenge was the first. After having a phenomenal race on the tandem on Mt Washington in 2008, we decided to give it another go and see if we could improve a bit more. Again, we didn't take into account the significance of the multipliers, and even with a good time on the tandem, ultimately the points would go against John in the overall standings. But more importantly, I (Pamela) wasn't quite in the same shape as the previous year, and it showed in our slower time. We still managed to win, with some real competition, but I'm retiring now. I don't need to ride up Mt Washington anymore!

Cristine put in a phenomenal ride for her first time up Mt Washington, coming in at 1:30.33.

This is the tandem that beat us in our first attempt in 2006, when they broke spokes on the way up and ran across the finish line. We knew it would be close. We didn't race head to head, as we got to start in the top notch group, so they didn't even realize they had competition. It was a tough wait to see if they'd come in with a better time. We got them by 4 minutes though.

Dominique had a great ride as well, finishing 3rd overall in 1:23:42 (beating that tandem)! Both ladies were first in the age groups.

Oregon 2009