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Vermont 2008

We've been going up to Burke Mountain for Columbus Day for a few years an having a great time. This year we decided to take a full week before Columbus Day and explore a few more dirt roads. John had won a weekend at the Grafton Inn at the Mt Equinox race, so we started our trip there. We booked a house in Burke for the rest of the week.

One of the things we love about Vermont is all the great dirt roads, including a few numbered main roads. The quality is superb. We regualrly take our skinny tired (well skinny by our standards) road bikes on these lovely smooth low-traffic roads.

For this trip, we maximized what we could carry in a teeny car. We brought two road bikes, two mountain bikes (for the Burke trails) and the tandem.

Exploring new roads sometimes means we find trails, but this wasn't too bad. We stumbled upon a freshly graded road, and then back to lovely hard pack surfaces.