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Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnee

photos by John with commentary by Pamela (and John)

We took part in the second annual D2R2. We actually did the first one last year on tandem, but this year had other challenges in mind. Possessing a single brain cell, I decided to do the ride on a single speed.While John chose a single cog, connected to a 14 speed internally geared hub. I did have enough intelligence to opt for the slightly less climbing intesive 67 mile version while John went for the full monty.

Susan came along to keep me company, keep me on route and help me make the time cutoff by refusing to let me stop at the coffee roasters. There was quite a bit of whining and crying as we passed, but given the handicap I had chosen (the SS), I was thrilled to make the time limit with some to spare.

John carried his two day old camera and took all these photos and more, and made pretty good time as well. We are already planning next year's ride. Still insane, I am planning SS again - we'll see if I opt for the long ride. I do highly recommend this event. It is beautiful and while it is a challenge, how hard could it be if I did the 67 mile ride with a 34/17 single speed freewheel. And I wasn't the only nutcase, I did see a fellow on a Quickbeam.

Dave Cramer at 650 bpm


Le peloton just after dawn


Covered bridge at Conway


You'll see very few photos of John and Pamela - since Pamela started several hours later on the shorter ride and John had a new camera that he only grudgingly allowed others to touch! Aren't the pink handlebars lovely?


Misty Mountain Hop


One of the thousand climbs on route!


It's blurry because he's bbbbouncing!