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Doubtful Sound

by Pamela Blalock with (most) photos by John Bayley

After further investigation, I realised that we only had a 5 km walk for the first day of the Milford, so we could take the late boat out to the start, so we could do all our shopping the morning of the walk, and spend a full day cruising and resting. The weather forecast looked reasonable, so we decided to do a Cruise on Doubtful Sound.Compared to many of the other touristy things we've done, this was pretty good value for money. It wasn't cheap, but it did last all day. We were picked up in Te Anau and taken to Lake Manapouri, where we cruised across the lake to get on another bus. This bus took us deep into the mountain for a view of the power station, and then over the Wilmot Pass to the sound where we got on another boat for the cruise around the sound. After three hours, we took the bus back over the pass and the boat back across Lake Manapouri, and finally the shuttle back to Te Anau. It was a full rest day!

My memory was of clearer skies than the photos indicate. We did have lovely views, and thoroughly enjoyed watching the dolphins and waterfalls and fresh snow covered peaks. I definitely recommend this trip.


We thoroughly enjoyed watching the dolphins jump and play, but it is very difficult to actually take a photo of them in mid-air.
I've left it to the professionals at Craig Potton Publishing. Click on the photo to go to their website to view others and purchase prints or posters.


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