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John and I found ourselves rationing food near the end of the Kepler, since we didn't quite bring enough, so we bought way more than we needed for this one. We will eventually get it right. As a result I overloaded my pack. When we found this track a bit more technical than the Kepler - we were scrambling up and over giant roots and rocks - Susan and John mugged me and took part of my food, so I'd have an easier time getting up. My knee was giving grief again, and a tumble into a stream late in the day made it worse. This was a hard hike for me. After being spoilt by the nice graded tracks on the Kepler, the scrambling over roots was a challenge. Hopefully I will get into better hiking form for future tramps.

The weather was also a great contrast. We had a nice first day, and given all the scrambling, we were quite lucky to have picked the direction we did. It rained pretty steadily on our 3rd and 4th days. The sandflies were also out in force. Upper Caples hut practically had more inside than out. It was very important to close the door as quickly as possible when coming and going!

Rest Day