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by Pamela Blalock


We had lots of cold miserable weather in the winter of 2001. We had some good snow and managed to ski some, but we grew weary of the cold, and decided to escape to somewhere warm and sunny for an early Spring jump start, so we headed off to Majorca the first week of April. Our friend Susan Lowery joined us at the Stephen Roche Cycling Camp.

The camp is designed to give cyclists lots of climbing and descending practice in warm Mediterranean sunshine. Four different groups (at different speeds) of cyclists are led along beautiful roads into the mountains of Majorca. Susan and I rode witha relaxed pace group, while John got to hammer along with the faster paced crowd. The rides were usually completed by 1 or 2 p.m. just in time for a Spanish lunch. We had afternoons free for sightseeing, shopping or relaxing.

Wednesday was our day off, so Susan, John and I drove up to Selva to seek out more hills. From there, we rode out toward Puig Major, and followed a road with great views of the coastline before descending down to Soller. We passed or were passed by about a thousand other cyclists on the first climb. This seemed to be a very popular route for the German cyclists who have camps on the northern part of the island.


Terracing exists all over the island. Rock walls and olive trees are everywhere.